NatsumiTan, 21
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NatsumiTan, 21
Last online: 7h, 53m ago

MAKE READING AS YOUR HOBBY 💋I'm a simple person


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys from 18 to 40 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship.

About me

First of all I'm not here to be a GOLD DIGGER OR TO DO FLIRTING, I'm not a lazy girl to ask money and I'm not a bitch to do some fun with you its not my thing.. Lets not waste both of our time if you just wanted to make some fun or flirt with me sorry because I'm not interested!!!

First read well so you will not get shock because most of people don't reading things so probably they get shock if they knew something about me

Meet and talk with nice people is one of the reason why I'm here plus I can practice to speak English as well 😊

I'm open minded but maybe it depends on my mood in times lol

Maybe I do fun and flirt but only with the right one not with anyone

Call me Natsy or Nats I'm half Chinese blood so as you see I got those eyes 😆 haha, I'm 22yrs old and I'll be honest so there will be a problem I'm proudly to say I'm a Transgender so it's up to you if you like me or not,I'm here to meet nice people for friendship or if its my time then found my future Husband haha...
I'm a bit moody in times 🤗
I'm totally shy type person but I'm talkative in chat as long as I feel you are interested so don't worry lol..

I had 1 ex boyfriend only and we been only for only 1yr and 5months and it's been 5yrs since we broke up and it means I'm 5yrs single too lol

If your interested to have some conversation then send me message I'm shy to send first message maybe because he will just ignore me and that's a bit hurt 🙄

I'm not much fan of cosmetics too maybe in times if needed lol because I believe being natural is better and look more beautiful

My hobbies

I love cooking a lot that's why I'm the chef at home every time I don't have work but I know I need to learn more about it haha, wanna teach me more?

Play badminton if I got totally free time 😛

I'm doing some exercise and diet to keep slim but I'm not too slim I still got some fats ok haha I'm still working it out to achieve my body goal.

I'm a gamer I mean I love playing games when I have free time, online games like DotA 2 and online games in phone.

I love reading too I expend most of my free time to work on reading different stories and topics that hits my curiosity :).

I love to talk and chat with different people from all over the world because you could learn something from each of them I mean you talk something that they experienced in life so into that you could learn something new as well..

If you have some more questions feel free to message me I'm kind and sweet caring so don't be scared 😈😈😈👻
Just hit the (like) if you feel shy then I'll message you first

I got Skype,whatsapp and facebook but lets know each other first 🙊😜 and nice to know you keep reading until here because some people doesn't reading it fully they just base it on appearance so I highly appreciate you read until the end 😄 💋💋💋
Thank you for expending 3minutes of your day for reading 😊😊
Read my profile well before you message me looking forward to talk with you 😘, I'll wait it 😊😊😊

About you

Just be yourself :)

Personal info

Asian, 5'8" (173cm), slim, black eyes and blonde hair.

Cashier in restaurant
High School - Some
Christian - Catholic

Relationship status:
Has children:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Non smoker
Non drinker

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