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I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 86 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.

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Hi my names Danny. I live in a small town outside nottingham. i love all kinds of music and i dj harder styles of dance music. I like to keep in shape and eat well. I like trying to cook new foods from around the world. i just got myself some new pro knives, so i think im Jamie oliver now :D would love to steal some asian recipes from some of you guys that are into cooking.
I love children, but i dont think i could eat a whole one. I love Nature, love beutiful scenery and the beautiful world. Nothing better than just being quite somewhere nice and recognising that youre part of everything from the wind on your face to that most distant star you can see.
I love reading. anything about science, astrophysics, quantum physics, reality, consciousness, philosophy, metaphysics, religion, shamanism, anthropology, theology... I study alot 😁

About you

If i wanted a little extra money, i could go searching the streets in hope of finding a £10 note on the floor. The chances of me finding it are pretty slim! and while my head would be facing the ground id be missing the rest of life passing me by. Love is much the same. You cant search for it! Enjoy your life, enjoy the moment!... one day out of the corner of your eye you might just spot that £10 ;) Theres only one place you need look for that love you seek... and its nowhere "out there"

Its amazing how many people read the above and message me "i like what you said about love... so what are you looking for?" ... you liked it but didnt understand it so let me try and elaborate. Love is not a material thing. So finding it could be somewhat difficult, as alot of you seem to be aware. When you are happy, when you are in love, these emotions are generated within, you are the source! Unless you have love in your heart and send that out into the world The chances are, you wont find it coming your way. So many of you seem to think that love is an official agreement that must be made after 3 messages.There is nothing more natural than love! so let it happen naturally. Dont force it. Hi im looking for love, what are you looking for? .. oh also love... then shall we be in love? ... This is not love!
We seem to condition our happiness.. i will be happy when i get that better car, better house, better job, find a partner. Its a constant chase that will ultimately bring no satisfaction. Happiness can only be felt in the moment, this moment! so be happy and you'll find an abundanve of love coming your way :) We've all been hurt before and its the ego that builds a wall around us to try and protect us, but the true self has no fear. Instead of looking for love. Just open your heart to it. Because someone isnt "looking for love" it doesnt mean they are not open to love. It can happen in an instance, it can happen over time. Thats why the expression is "falling in love" you fall, Its the most wonderful feeling and i dont understand why some of you want to take away all the romance and excitement of meeting someone.
Fancy that eh.. a guy from the west teaching eastern philiosophy to the people in the east :p haha

"Love- the domain of bliss as a personal experience. When this door is open you experience love in every aspect of your life. Love is your primary motivation in every relationship, beginning with yourself. At a deeper level love bonds you to the rhythm of the universe." - Deepak Chopra

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5'9" (176cm) and athletic.

College - Graduated

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