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Lbg • 30
  Billing Specialist
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Stop dating while you are healing. You're damaging innocent people.


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys 27 to 59 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship.

About me

I am the kind of person that when I get involve into something I won't stop pursuing it. And I want to talk to someone who can argue , laugh and read books till I fall asleep. I am the person that would stop talking to you if I found you without humor. You have to be smart enough to annoy me, encourage me and who could push me to the best absolute.
I want to see a Mans self esteem grow because of me and won't bragg about something his cable of but doesn't have a back bone. I'm straightforward kind of person who can live in a jungle with a pillow and a book and hates people who can't cook.
There's a lot of things you can ask about me. But I hate a man who only knows how to date and flirt. You don't have to be very smart you just have to prove to me that you have a brain and that you know exactly how to use it. I saying nothing but am watching you rearranging the tables. Don't buy me a gift I just need you to be there when I need you.

I love the quietness of the night to gather all my thoughts together. I don't play love games.. I deal with mature love only. And please don't judge me too quick cause I only choose what I want to show you.

I speak English, Sarcasm, truth and love.

I know my worth..without the need to explain anything. <3

About you

I am impressed with self assurance, honesty and good manners.I may never trust you if I don't believe in you have the right morality, intelligence and common sense to be confided in.

I don't give freely, you must be intelligent ambitious and kind. And you don't have to sugarcoat to anything. Be real. 🙂

I will reiterate it again, I am attracted to intelligent, mature, stable, classy, funny and attentive partner.

Let me tell you this Once you finally meet a Mentally Mature Woman, you can't speak to her with the same condescending words you use on weak females in your past. She won't yell, argue or tell you "Shut up" like ur Ex's, she will just leave you for man more on her mental level.

Enjoy. Good luck!

Personal info

5'4" (163cm) and average body type.
Billing Specialist
Has children:
Yes (Lives with)
Wants children:
Non smoker
Rarely drinks
Relationship status:
Willing to relocate:
College - Graduated
Christian - Other

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