Kitsuneko, 38
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Kitsuneko, 38
Last online: 13h, 26m ago

My deep kisses makes you feel me. My eyes are nice as you will see.


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 20 to 45 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship.

About me

I'm strongly emotional, sensitive with the great faith for something higher. I wish a little help from somewhere above the stars and ask a chance for glorious life. I could give the great happiness to you. I have to understand the bright truth and become the best myself - ultimate myself.

The human life could be so simply, it were so easy, but there is so much dark inside the mind of the humanity. The selfishness destroys the happiness of lovers and disfigure the all civilization. There is no true hope, this dream will end and the new one will begin.

The most important is the righteous life. This doesn't need to mean any religion. The being has to understand which is good, which is not. The most powerful is the ultimate mind, but I just need an ultimate smile - from you.

About you

Give me the real yourself - I'll give you everything. I want to make your dreams true, I'm sure.

There is no limits to my love if I want. It has an ultimate power to go through the universe. I'm much more what you have ever imagined. I'm so deep, so sweet, what you keep inside of your dream.

I'm warm touch in the night, hot to watch before the light. My eyes are bright under the moonlight. You'll enjoy near the candles where is the deepest pleasure. There is nothing to fear, you can hear my heart: no need to tear.

There is no sadness I say it. There is no sorrow to tomorrow where will be only the flowers between the lovers. I'm your great happiness, sunshine of your lovely days which has just begun.

I'll pet your charming hair. I'll caress you every day. I will take care of you, I'm your pure passion too. You are the only beauty I see, you are my deepest sea. You are the one, forever young.

I want to touch your lovely lips, kiss with you all the nights. You are my deepest dream in the night, you are in my every sight. I'm the right, you don't need to fight. There will be the light.

I hold you on my lap, you are the one who I pet. Every day, in every way, I have something to say. You are the fire in my mind and all inside. You are the one, who I want.

You are my sacred way to love. You are my pure brightness who will give my strength. Give me your smooth hands and nothing will stop me then. I'll kiss you in the night and bring the light. You are my moonlight.

All you need is love. It's true, it's you. It's the only truth in the life. We are not alone. We have to love then.

I can come to meet you if you give me a place where to stay with you. I have the money but I need to save too.

Personal info


Caucasian (White), 6'1" (186cm), 172lbs (78kg), athletic and grey eyes.

IT, selling, assistance, circulation
High School - Some

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Non smoker
Non drinker