Johnny5 • 35
Last active: 1 Aug 2019
  Warehouse specialist
Johnny5 • 35
  Warehouse specialist
Last active: 1 Aug 2019

INTJ (bonus points for knowing what this means)


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls 21 to 45 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.

About me

I work hard and don't go out much, don't really meet people. I'd love to find an intelligent and kind woman that shares some of my major interests and passions. It's an incredible spark, being excited to go home and share inside jokes and do things together. Making new friends is great too, it's not like I only make time for someone if there's romance.

I enjoy reading and learning about pretty much everything. Science fiction is my favorite, though most of my reading is research on fixing things im not familiar with yet, or possible upgrades I haven't thought of for various things.
I love interesting conversation, taking apart and fixing things, "bar games" like billiards and darts and table tennis, kind gestures, biking, riding, video games, nature, animals...

I don't get along well with close-mindedness, I tend to avoid folks who rigidly follow a religion or political party. I keep a very small circle of friends that are intelligent, caring, have a spark of interest in making things or DIY, not conceited or arrogant or other ridiculous things that come with a big ego and keep you from growing or seeing the beauty in what is around you.

I guess in a nutshell, self-sufficiency is at my core. It's my highest priority, everything I do is working towards it. Not just supporting myself with my income, I'm talking about growing my own food, doing and building things for myself and friends and showing them how. You really appreciate a thing you've created rather than something you simply bought. It's a satisfaction like nothing else, with a small bonus of undermining the negative parts of economies, unending greed and separation of classes.

I'm an introvert, so my dream life is in the east TX woods away from the masses. Hopefully I'll be able to buy more land out there in the next decade or so, and I so very much look forward to "retirement," spending basically 100% of my time doing what directly benefits my household. For income maybe open up a welding & fabrication shop, and a woodworking shop. For saving money and for fun build a blacksmithing forge, a ceramic firing kiln, microbrewery, sawmill, grow construction grade bamboo, give a try at plowing with miniature livestock, casting small engine blocks and pistons, build a steam engine, etc. You get the idea..

About you

Kindness and intelligence are necessary to me, difficult to say which would be more important. So many different kinds of things are interesting to me and I truly enjoy learning, I'm not compatible with someone who doesn't share that joy. Women that are goofy or nerdy or tomboys have usually been most attractive to me, but I quickly become fond of anyone open minded that has some of the passions I do.

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6'1" (185cm) and average body type.
Warehouse specialist
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