Jhunne78, 37
Last online: 7 Jan 2017
Jhunne78, 37
Last online: 7 Jan 2017

I know its maybe ridiculous and stupid...I'm just trying to find my Miss Right...maybe just maybe...


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 29 years old for dating, friendship, romance, marriage and more.

About me

It’s been almost a long four years and a half that we had been together and thought it would never end. But I was wrong when one day I received a text from her, saying she had something very important to tell. The first thing that I had in mind was maybe she will agree to stay with me in a province and that she’s willing to resign in her job just to be with me but I was wrong…very wrong. I call her and I was so excited about what she has to say. But only to find out that I was wrong. She told me that she wants a freedom that she wants to breakup with me, that she never loves me anymore… I was shock and I felt a million arrows was strike into my heart, I felt dead in a few seconds, I don’t know what to say. Then finally there was a word comes out in my mouth and that was asking her “why?” I felt the water from my eyes rolling down my cheeks. Sometimes I don't know what God's reason why He need to give me a challege like what i had now. and sometimes I want to give up this life. but again i just want to continue my journey and i want to see the end of all this suffering. and hoping someday I will win this game.

It's eihter you make me whole again or maybe break me twice and even more... So it's up to you to decide just please leave me alone if you cause me much even more pain. I want rather be alone than having someone that will never be mine at the end...I've been lost for almost 2 years. I've hurt a lot for my past relationship and I'm starting my life again. for a new beginning... a new life...I'm looking for maybe not a perfect but a right one for me. I'm looking for someone who make my heart and soul whole again, for someone who will love me in return. i've been blind a long time but now my eyes is clear again for new life and a new love. hope I will find the right one for me...I thank God that even i went down to a days that the rain showered me so much and feel like a storm strike on me, He never leave me in the rain alone. He shelterd and guided me thru the rain and showed me the light of the truth. And Now I'm here still kicking in this game called life...                                     


I was by myself
just all alone
then suddenly you came
...and joined me.

And now
You plus Me
we been added
and together we shared.

I Love You
You Love Me
and we become one
knowing that you are mine.

Years past and days won't last,
You and Me
we said Goodbye
we divided
and have separate lives.

Now here I am
Staring at the sunset
my heart's tearing apart
I'm all alone...Again.

You touch deep into my life
then you go after you got all my love
please lend me back my broken heart
that you've been stolen from the very start.


You came...
But you left me alone
now I regret
letting you go
now here I am
drown with tear.

You used to be beside me
when i need you,
you used to hold me,
love me tenderly,
can't cry anymore.

Now someone else
has taking
the sweet love
you used to give me...

About you

Someone that can fix my heart and soul for real. because i thought that i found that someone before but the years past and slowly I realized she's lossing grip and one day she  just left me...                       


I wanted Someone,
that always there
thru thick or thin
and never leave me in the rain.

I wanted Someone
that never laughs
when I fall down
but helps me to stand.

I wanted Someone,
a Love and a Friend that always Care
not the kind of One that just there
if only when there's a fun to share.

I wanted Someone,
that even my day turns to gray
she never walks away
but turn me on and lead the way.

I wanted Someone,
that when I need
Someone to talk
she will be there
willing to listen and support.

I wanted Someone,
a Love and a Friend that gives an advice
when something bothering inside
and helps me to decide.

25 - 30 YEARS OF AGE
SINGLE and Not been Married before
With Pleasing Personality I wish
not Looking for a handsome man, just a cute one.
not expensive to date
and willing to relocate in Bicol

Personal info

Mixed ethnicity, 5'3" (161cm), 110lbs (50kg), brown eyes and black hair.

Computer Technician/Self Employed
College - Graduated
Christian - Catholic

Relationship status:
Has children:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Not sure
Non smoker
Rarely drinks

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