JerryFruchtman • 66
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  Photographer / Designer
JerryFruchtman • 66
  Photographer / Designer
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  Chiang Mai, Thailand  [ show map ]

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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 39 to 52 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship, networking and more.

About me

I think it is God's practical joke on us that the ones we want don't want us and the ones we don't want want us.

It would be nice if you say something in your profile, so i know you speak english and are an interesting person.

it would be wonderful if you tell me how old your photos are, so that i do not have to ask.

i think everyone here likes other to take the time to read their profile and be greeted with more than one word.

it would be wonderful if you have more than one photo and that they are recent.

i don't understand when women here act like children.
youthful: Yes
childish: No

it would be wonderful if you greeted me with more than one or two words.

ME? i'm from los angeles and spent 10 years in bali and have been in thailand for over six years and love it here. i've always been in the visual arts and have just finished designing and building a home in mae rim, which is about 35 minutes outside of chiang mai. i enjoy anything that pleases the senses and cannot remember the last time i was in a bar.

life here is like a lottery ticket, you really really don't expect to win, but still buy the ticket anyway. hope over reality.

About you

Please greet me with more than Hi or Hello. It shows me you are not boring, how your English is and that you're smart enough or care enough to read someone's profile.

Personal info

5'10" (178cm) and athletic.

Photographer / Designer

Relationship status:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:

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