JOANNA1993, 25
Last online: 12h, 24m ago
JOANNA1993, 25
Last online: 12h, 24m ago

You find another one, but I'm the better one♡.


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys from 26 to 45 years old for dating, friendship and networking.

About me

Happy reading human earthlings :)
I deleted some of my details here :) It's not look like a novel already :p

Hey! I'm JOANNA MARIE, You better call me ANNA or MARIE but please don't call me "JO". I am not a hot girl. But I have a beautiful heart. I will probably never turn you on, or take your breath away, or impress your friends with the way I look but I can make you laugh and make you feel wanted :*. Sometimes I can be really funny cute(lol). Obviously, I am smiling person but not always. I can be serious too :) . Obviously, i really love quotes♥. I really wish that I could be enough. A girl who loves spicy foods♥, oh? I'M AN ICE CREAM LOVER TOO♥. I don't like someone giving me some flowers, i just want chocolates :D

I have different personalities when I'm with different people. Does that makes me fake? A big NO. I just know how to act accordingly depending on the situation and the person (i guess so). I might be quiet and shy to you, but surely I am nice♥. Please don't tell this to anyone. I am really shy type person but the fairy godmother spelled me and I did type this too long details.HAHA! FUNNY RIGHT?

Don't say you love me♥♥♥
You don't even know me
If you really want me
Then give me some time
Don't go there baby
Not before I'm ready
Don't say your heart's in a hurry
It's not like we're gonna get married
Give me, give me some time
(the lyrics that really lights up my mind lol come sing with me!)♥♥♥

♥One day, you'll just be a memory to some people. Do your best to be a good one.♥
♥ A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms. ♥
♥Understand that you own nothing; everything that surrounds you is just temporary. Only the love in your heart will last forever.♥
♥I just need one person♥. To never give up on me♥. Just one♥
♥Behind my pretty smile is a story you'll never understand :(
♥Do not call someone dramatic just because they express their sadness on social media. Sometimes, these people do not have any other outlets to vent out their emotions. Instead of judging them, open your ears and heart♥.
♥Be my moon on my dark hopeless night ♥
♥One half of me is a hopeless romantic, the other half is so damn realistic😍😍😍♥

☆They'll check your wrists but not your thighs,
They'll check your smile,but not your eyes
They'll avoid the truth. Believe the lies. ☆

About you

So, let me speak out what I want for a man to meet.
RESPECTFUL, THOUGHTFUL, FRIENDLY, SMILING PERSON. You don't have to be judgemental. Stop discriminating our looks :). I know I am not fluent in speaking english but still I'm trying my best just to communicate you :)

About blocking, I think blocking a person quickly makes you coward. Why don't you tell directly of what's the real reason? If someones blocks me here then I will block you too. And we won't see and chat anymore ;).It won't make you famous. Maybe you think you are strong about blocking then you are definitely weak.Stop faking your feelings here.I am not here to pleased anyone to like me. Just scroll up then read it again (ABOUT ME)♥

About the profile who didn't put any pictures and send me messages, you really scared me of! I don't know why but it's so creepy! Put it some :). No ghost can chat on DIA, it is still useless. I am not judging here but be fair enough co'z you see me here and I don't see you even your shadows :)

Let me insert my favorite quotes ♥
♥Never say goodbye when you still want to try. Never give up when you still feel you can take it. Never say you don't love a person when you can't let go.♥

Yours truly,

Personal info

Does it matter?
Asian, 5'1" (155cm), 99lbs (45kg), black eyes and black hair.

College - Some
Christian - Catholic

Relationship status:
Has children:
Yes (Lives with)
Willing to relocate:
Non smoker
Light / social drinker