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  Resident Manager of a High Rise in Hawaii
JLansing • 30
  Resident Manager of a High Rise in Hawaii
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I'm putting effort into finding love, and you can expect I'll put the effort into keeping it healthy



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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls of any age for dating, friendship, serious relationship, networking and more.

About me

I mostly chat on Instagram @Trustmeimtheninja < That's a personal account. Please, no business talk. Thank you. (^_^)

Write me there if you're interested.

I mostly write people there. It's better on my phone than this site. :) Writing here is fine too.

I’m here looking for something real. Yes, I’m looking for fun, but only with the right one. I want something lasting… a relationship that works because it works not because it feels like work. There is someone out there for me that is going to read this and feel like for the first time she is able to breathe, and when I get her reply it’s going to feel like the first time I’ve opened my eyes.

We are young and this youth isn’t going to last forever. I want to build something that is going to last into our old age. To be able to invest emotions into a relationship that is going to be forever young.

Life isn’t about the drama and the games. Too many times girls are only interested in the guy who won’t give them the time of day. Just know that if you’re my girl, then you are my day and you are the light of my life. I’m not here to prove my love for you and to fight to let you know how much I care. Just give it time… time to see how we handle the hardships that we go through. Love isn’t just about the happy-happy, jump-jump, kissing moments. It’s also about the hard times that bind you two together. The times where you don’t feel like you can be loved and the other person just pulls you in and tells you that you are enough just by how tight they hug.

It’s about setting aside our pride and doing what is best for the other person through this life. It isn’t about sacrifice, because to sacrifice something is to give something of greater value for something of lesser value, and if you’re giving up something for love then you didn’t “sacrifice” you invested in something of greater value.

These are things we all understand deep down. And it doesn’t need to be said, but I want to make sure that I’m clear. Life can get hard and I’m looking for someone who is willing to make a life with me and to stand by my side no matter what happens. We are going to be in a long distance relationship (If things work out). And that means you need to be strong. Don’t be one of those girls who will fall apart just because we can’t hold each other in each other’s arms.

They say that when we die, our lives flash before our eyes. I don’t know about you, but when I die, and I close my eyes, I want nothing other than moments with my lover flashing before my eyes.

No love is as deep as love can be. If there was such a thing as complete love, then you wouldn't be able to fall deeper in love as the years go by.
You find someone that you love and you can see that you're going to keep growing in love with, and you go with it.

Ask any couple that has been married for 10+ years if they love their partner more now than when they got married and they will tell you YES
Because love grows.

You will both change over the years... true love knows the changes are coming and knows it won't be easy. Life isn't about the easy path it is about the hard ones and the rough choices that are made. There are very few right or wrong choices in this life.
You make a choice... and then through your actions, you make sure it is the right one.

Even the right choice without being acted on in the right way is the wrong choice. It is our actions that define our choices not or choices themselves.

She must work hard at becoming a better person every day. I want to find someone that I can grow with. Someone that I can follow my passions with! I will help her follow her passions also. And for that to be possible, I need a girl that even has passions. She must be in love with life and drink it from a fountain that is pouring like an avalanche coming down the mountain.

I am a whole man, or at least I try to be. I want a woman that is a whole woman without me. And

About you

She must be fun, smart, able to keep up! Willing to go on an adventure that is my life! I want to help her reach her goals and help her do what she wants through life! I might never be rich, that is something that we will know in time. But she must be happy in my arms and be with me as one person. I want her to believe in me when no one else does. And I will tell you this! If she stands by me before I make a new world with my bare hands, then she will be the only woman in that new world with me! Take my hand... and it will always be yours.

I’m a nerd at heart. I can’t help it, I was born this way. I like watching anime and just hanging around the house. You’ll have to be the one to pull us out of the house if you want to go do something. Lol I’m not the most social. But when I’m out, I have a good time… I’m not weird with crowds and I have fun. I’m just a normal dude looking for a girl who is chill and interested in just hangout out and being together without the pressure.

But just to be clear, I'm not your knight in shining armor. I'm not the guy riding the horse coming to save you from the dragon in the castle tower! The dragon is in your mind, and I won’t save you from yourself. I don’t mind a girl that has dead dragons. Lol A girl that can kill her own demons (in her mind and soul), is HOTT.

I'm looking for my soulmate. I know there are going to be differences in our culture, we can work through that. If I don't understand something about your country and I make a mistake, don't hold it against me for LIFE! lol Just walk me through it and give me a chance to understand it and work through it with you. If there is something about my culture that you don't understand, I will do the same. We don't hold things against each other. Life is too long to hold things against each other like that.

Sometimes I read a girls profile and it is so short that I can't learn anything about her before writing her. Then I tell her I wish she had a longer profile and they always say, "Anyone can just ask what they would like to know."

That makes things very hard! BE BRAVE!!! Write a profile! Commit to who you are as a person! And don't fill your profiles full of things that you don't want in a man! If you can only define yourself by what you don't want, then why would anyone want to get to know you?! Define yourself by what you are... to say who you are by what you love is an art! Sometimes that type of commitment about ourselves is scary, but that's like being scared of art. And I want a girl who is proud and embraces the art that is she.

Something you should know is that I don't send the first message on this site (If I do, it is rare!). If you are interested in getting to know me and seeing if we connect well, then you must write me first. I will give my time to writing the women who write me instead of reading random profiles. I have found that this works out much better for everyone.

If you're still reading. GOOD JOB! :D Like I said, Instagram messages go to my phone. Write me there if you want to catch me. I always try to write back. @ Trustmeimtheninja
People that write me here, must not have read my profile. :P If you're really interested you will write me there. I ALWAYS reply to EVERY person that writes me "there" within 24hrs

Sorry, I won't add you on FB, Skype, or Viber until we know each other better. :) You can start an Instagram by linking it with your FB. They make it very easy to do. I travel out of my country twice a year. Still making up my mind where I'm going next! (^_^)

P.s. I'm not that strict, I'm chill when we talk. I will post a new video in my profile to prove that I'm real. :) That's the best I can offer until we chat more. I'm not looking for "cam girls".

Don't be intimidated, be interested.

Personal info

6'2" (187cm) and athletic.
Resident Manager of a High Rise in Hawaii
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Non smoker
Rarely drinks
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College - Graduated
Christian - Other

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