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The Simple things in life are the best


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 25 to 60 years old.

About me

I am a REAL person. I have had a lot of life experiences. I enjoy the small and simple things in life the most. I grew up in the mountains so I really like nature and the outdoors. I eat very healthy. When I was growing up my Grandmother had a garden, orchard, a variety of berry bushes and lots of other plants.I really want to have a small fruit and vegetable farm one day. No animals though. I can do blue collar work and white collar work and be happy doing either. I come from a good family. I am very good at reading people and I don't like fake people or scammers. Don't waste your time trying to scam me because it won't work. I am very good at reading people and seeing what they want and who they really are. I noticed there are a lot of girls on this site that say they are unemployed but they are really working as Bar Girls. Please don't lie like that. Just tell the truth if you are a bar girl. Guys know that you are lying anyway or they will find out. I have my own business. I have a lot of talents and hobbies. I really like exploring new places and experiencing new things. I like learning about new cultures and talking to different types of people. I like someone with patience, understanding and has an open mind.It's nice when a woman acts like a woman. Too many women act like men and it's not appealing to me.I only talk to girls who are mature enough to admit when they are wrong and say they are sorry when they were wrong. I don't like when a girl nags and complains and starts drama and acts like a man. Also please, in case you think being Proud of yourself or having Pride is a good thing then ask yourself if you really are Religious at all. If you're wondering what I mean about pride then just look at what the Bible says about Pride. Just search Pride in the Bible, Seriously! Next topic......I am passionate about many things in life. Please be open minded and remember that we come from two different cultures. Also please note that my plan is to live in the Philippines,
not here in the USA. Please don't ever ask me to bring you here. There's really a lot more about me but it's too much to write.

About you

I would like to meet someone real. Someone who can enjoy the simple and small things in life. Someone with patience and understanding. Someone open minded. Someone who is calm, peaceful, easy going and doesn't get mad easily. Someone who can be trusted. A loyal, kind, honest person. Someone with a lot lot lot of more good qualities and morals and personality traits. No Scammers, No Gold diggers please. Also if you don't have a job or if you have a job but don't want anyone to know what job you are doing then don't contact me. Just be honest about your job no matter what job it is. I am very understanding and won't dislike you if you have done certain things in your past. Just be honest and real. I love openness and honesty about yourself and your past. I want to know everything. Please don't hide things.

Personal info


6'0" (182cm).

Non smoker