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HaRdMaNksa • 36
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ThErE Is No RiGhT MaN Or RiGhT WoMaN ... ThErE Is RiGhT CoUpLe OnLy


  Khobar, Saudi Arabia  [ show map ]

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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls minimum 98 years old.

About me

during the past months i noticed few things here in the site that most ladies judge on guy by his age and '' you too young '' kept saying over and over again .... i don't know what is wrong for being single or what is wrong if u have relationship with young guy unless ur not good enough for him coz mostly ladies says i want old man!!!! old man ? for what ? to take care of him ? or being his nurse ?!! and please don't tell me coz old men are more matured if that correct 99% of the ladies now should be in relationships and quite the website coz am sure they met a lot of ''old men'' !! but they still here searching!!!! which is mean one thing the man remain man no matter young or old let's make compare between young and old :) heheh

sections: young ----------------- old
health : of course healthy--------------- (diabetic - high blood pressure etc )
status : 80% single -------------- 50% married - 50% divorced (kids-grand kids)
work : hard workers -------------------- retired lol
energy: 100% battery -------------------- no more charger ( empty battery)
shape : 70% fit 30% fat --------------------- 70% fat 30% melted skin lol
feelings : powerful --------------------------- too old and dusty
responsibilities : 80% they have ----------------------- 100% need to be taking care of.

i don't know what is going on inside ur heads ladies but what am sure of if u want to judge on man give him chance to prove him self fair way don't punish him for some others mistakes caused u before and remember women are guilty same as men in this world so don't believe and live the lie is u r all angels that's silly :)

About you

let me know what u made of ........ but if u age maniac young , old .... that silly and superficial please don't send or answer my messages coz in the end the age just number for our documents not major thing to make judgement on ppl .... thanks :D

Personal info

6'0" (182cm).
Has children:
Wants children:
Non drinker
Relationship status:
Willing to relocate:
University - Graduated
Islam - Sunni

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