Frenchie, 58
Last online: 24 May 2017
Frenchie, 58
Last online: 24 May 2017

I found my beautiful Jeryl ... finaly ... thanks to DIA !!!!!!!!


  Brussels, Belgium  [ show map ]

I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 21 to 30 years old for friendship.

About me

I found my beautiful Jeryl ... finaly ... thanks to DIA !!!!!!!!

She could take my heart, put it softly on her knees ...
and tease it so sweetly !!!!

She is so Unique !!!


Not easy to talk about myself.
I looks as solid as a rock ... but I'm so desesperately romantic !!!
( yes I watch love films and can cry if there is no happy end ....
and I don't tell you what if dramas !!!!!!!!)

I have a beautiful son, ... bud I'am quiting his mom here.

I was realy crazy in love of my GF in Phils, since 2 years ....
but have never been betrayed so much ! So I learned to be carreful ...
coz I discover that liars were not always men !

I always thought before, that LOVE was the most beautiful and natural
feeling on earth.
That it only needed us to free honnestly our feelings.
I stupidly thought that giving love without condition would simply
provide the same love in return ... I was wrong ...
I never thought it could be such a fight !!!

Free minded. I don't like to follow just like a sheep, tough sometimes
we have no choice ...

I like to be in the nature, specially ( but not excusively) on sea !
Working in a bank, as programmer. I hate my job. All day long into an Office !
So boring ... no sea ... no wind ... no water ... no trees !!!!!
Hard to stand for an ex-sailor. But it's my choice ... I have to assume it.

I'm interested about other countries ... other peoples ...other ways of living ...
other cultures, coz I know that we, in what they call "modern countries" ....,
don't have the truth about way of living.

About you

░░░░░░░░░░░░ \\\ ///░░░░Hello there !!!░░░
░░░░░░░░░░░( @ @ )░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

Well I'm not "mister right" ... I like to exchange experiences,
to correspond, to talk or to listen !

Why a woman ? Just because i think (I can be wrong !!!)
they are much more oriented to simple and reliable values,
the only ones I appreciate too...

Why an age limit ? Just coz I would be so happy to have
another Baby ....

I wish happiness and welfare to ALL of you

Oh yes ... sorry ... No pic ... mostly no reply !!!

Personal info

Caucasian (White), 5'11" (180cm), 218lbs (99kg), blue eyes and brown hair.

University - Some

Relationship status:
Has children:
Yes (Lives with)
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Not sure
Non drinker

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