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Please keep in mind that this is a free dating site. This is not an agency. We provide a technical solution where people can publish their profile, browse or search for other members, and message with the ones they like. That's it. No more, no less. Our main focus is on keeping this site's software and hardware running as smoothly as possible. The rest is up to you. We are computer geeks, and we cannot help you with marriage/relationship issues, visas and stuff like that.

You have to be an adult (at least 18 years old) to use our site, so we will of course not babysit you. However, please be aware that we do not screen all members of this site and we do not inquire into the backgrounds of all members or attempt to verify their statements. Please be careful; some members may not be who they claim to be, and some members may be dishonest about their intentions.

Because we are computer geeks, for the most part we rely on computer algorithms and "robots" to monitor and moderate this site. This has both advantages and disadvantages; there are situations in which they perform better and more efficiently than humans, but there are indeed situations in which they cannot keep up and perform worse. Thus we also have a community reporting and flagging system to complement our "robots" with real human input from our good members. We ask you to please stay vigilant and to actively use our reporting and flagging system to help us keep this site clean.

Some people may find us too strict, whereas some others may find us too lenient. People are different, and there's no such thing as "one size fits all". It is impossible to create a site where all people in the world agree on the policies on which to govern it. We've chosen to create a site that fits into what the majority thinks is appropriate, and to pay less attention to those with extreme opinions. After all, would it make sense to spend most of our time and resources trying to accommodate the demands of those with extreme views? Would you do this if you ran a site like this?

We believe our policies are fair and reasonable, and we do try to enforce them strictly. Because why would we want trolls, prostitutes, their clients, and other "riff-raff" in our site? Would you want this? If so, this site is not for you.

Just like the police enforces laws in real life, we police this site. Let's think of a situation where you are speeding in the traffic, stopped by the police, and fined. You will of course accept the fine even if you know very well that others are speeding without getting caught. You know that this doesn't justify breaking the law, and you accept that the police cannot be everywhere at all times, but are doing random samples as a crime deterrence method. Exactly the same principle goes for this site. There are policies (and even laws) that you have to follow while using this site, but it is impossible for us to catch all perpetrators. But when we do, we act (very) strictly.

Q1: How do I report a member to you?

To report someone to us, please use the reporting (or photo flagging) system found in every profile. Only reports made with this system will be processed.

Our reporting/flagging system is mainly based on consensus. This means that usually (but not always) more than one complaint has to be made against a member before action is taken. This is to ensure valid cause.

Please do NOT ask your friends to report the same member to speed up this process as this will be detected by us and will count as false reporting.

Reports made from motives such as revenge and jealousy will also count as false reporting.

False reporting leads to banning of the one(s) reporting, as does any other misuse of our reporting system, such as reporting someone for their sexual orientation.

Stay cool, act like an adult (our site has an 18 year old age limit so you should be), and report members for valid reasons only.

We do not interfere in personal disputes between members. If you simply wish to block someone from sending you messages, you can do so by using the Block Member button as described in Q2.

It is not wise to report to us if you have sent money to someone. We ban all members that offer or send money. The reason is simple: If no one ever offers/sends money, no one will ever ask for money. People offering/sending money are creating a marketplace for beggars and scammers, and we don't want this in our site. However, if someone asked you for money and you did the right thing and did not send any, we would very much like you to report this to us.

Q2: How do I block someone from sending me messages?

To block someone from sending you messages (and from visiting your profile), please use the Block button found in every profile page.

Q3: How do I unblock someone?

To unblock someone, just go to this link.

Deleting someone from your block list is the same as to unblock.

Q4: How do I delete my Account?

You can delete your profile / account from this link.

Please note that deleted accounts cannot be restored, and that all messages sent to and from deleted accounts also will be deleted.

Q5: How do I change my email address?

You can change your email address from this link.

Q6: How do I change my password?

You can change your password from this link.

It's important that you are using a strong password and that you keep it safe at all times. If someone else gets hold of your password we will not be able to give your profile/account back to you, and you may be held responsible for all actions made with the use of your profile/account.

Q7: How do I change my username?

Sorry, usernames cannot be changed. If you really want another username you will have to delete your old account and create a new one. Please note that if you do not delete your old account first, our system will detect duplicate profiles, block them all, and even prevent you from signing up again in the future.

Q8: You sent me an email that I got a new message, but I cannot find it. Why?

Sometimes members delete their accounts. When they do so, the messages sent to and from those accounts are also deleted. If someone sent you a message and you got notified by email, and then he or she deleted his or her account, you will not be able to read the message sent to you. This behavior is by design and is due to privacy reasons.

Q9: I'm having problems uploading my photo. Can I email it to you?

Sorry, no. But uploading photos is easy. Just go to this link.

Make sure it's a "jpg" photo. We really like big photos (small and unclear photos will not be approved), but the upload must complete within 10 minutes, or our servers will time out. If that happens to you, please try to use a faster internet connection or reduce the size of the photo.

Q10: Why and how do you crop profile photos?

We do this to ensure good quality and consistency of profile photos. All profile photos should be cropped to clearly show the profile owner's (and only the owner's) face. To ease and perfect this process, we use automatic face detection software.

Q11: I have lost my password. How can I retrieve it?

Your password can be retrieved from this link.

Q12: I cannot sign in to or find my account. Has it been deleted?

Inactive accounts are automatically deleted by our system. You can read more about this in our Terms of Use, Section 9.

Q13: I want to advertise in your site. How can I do this?

We are using a service from Google to manage advertising in our site. You can read more about it here:

Currently, this is the only way to advertise in our site.

Q14: Do you have an app for mobile phones?

We've chosen not to publish a dedicated mobile phone app for our service at this time. Whether it makes sense to publish an app or not is a difficult decision to make, as there are both pros and cons to this approach.

For graphically demanding apps such as games, native apps no doubt perform better than web based solutions. For apps that require access to your device's accelerometer, notification bar, sound and led light, phonebook entries and more, apps are the best and sometimes the only solution. For app developers, having an app in your device's app store also provides valuable branding. But in most things, a web site can do almost anything that an app can do, and sometimes it is even a better solution:

Not having to install anything on your device makes a good argument as to why web based solutions often are better than apps. For each app you install, you use up valuable resources such as RAM and local storage. Many apps runs in the background even if you close them, and they will slow down your device. When a web site needs to be updated with new features or bug fixes, a simple update is done on the web sever, and voilĂ : the next second you already have the new feature or the bug fixed without having to download anything. With apps you will have to wait for the developer to publish a new version of the app, and then download it again. Isn't it annoying with all those apps updating almost every day and downloading to your device? How much of your allotted monthly bandwidth do you use just for keeping your apps updated? We bet a it's a lot. Did you know that the majority of apps are just HTML and javascript based solutions (exactly the same as for web pages) wrapped in a packaged to look like apps? That's right; the majority of apps could just as well have been run from a web server with almost identical looks and features without you having to install anyting on your device. And with a 100% web based solution (such as this site), you can switch between devices (MAC, PC, Linux, phones tablets and more) at your heart's desire and getting the exact same interface and features regardless.

Did you know that lots of apps can access your phone book, see who you've called and who's called you, and even track your location at all times? Did you know that this info (and more) easily can be sent back to the developer without you even noticing it? And do you really fancy apps waking you up in the middle of the night with all kinds of notifications and offers?

A last but very important issue is regarding who is in control of information. When the web came to life many years ago, this was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to be able to express themselves, find information and connect with others freely. Anyone could set up a web site and/or service without any corporation having a say. Today, with the introduction of app stores, only a handful of corporations control everything that is published. Is this good? Is this necessary? We'll let you decide.

So it all boils down to whether your think it's acceptable to compromise your privacy and your device's resources just to have an added feature of popup notifications. At this time, we've determined that it is not worth it for us, but we may of course change our minds in the future. Who knows.

Oh, and if you want an easy way to launch our site just like an app, just choose "Add to Homescreen" from your browser's menu.

Q15: I want to contact you and ask you something, can I?

Yes you can, but because our site is free, our support is limited and we do not guarantee a reply.
Please note the following before you decide to contact us:

  1. Average response time is currently 5-7 days.
  2. We will not reply if your question is already answered in the site.
  3. If you wish to report a member, you have to do it as described in Q1 on this page.
  4. We are unable to help you with any technical problems you might have.
  5. We will not reply to rude messages.
  6. We will only reply to important messages.

If you still wish to contact us, please fill in the "Contact us" form in this link.