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CzeeApple • 24
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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls 20 to 28 years old for friendship, serious relationship and more.

About me

I am kind, respectful and a humble guy looking for a freind or maybe who knows, someone who i can be with.

I am currently a student but im doing stock market and real state here in Baguio to save a bit so that I will have some capital after graduating.

Never ever experienced having a girlfreind, since birth (No Girlfreind Since Birth) (NO SHITS!! ITS TRUE!!) thats why im here to compensate those time passed being single.

Im not choosy when it comes to physical appearance, state of living and educational background.

I am a pet lover, I have different varieties of pets at home like hamsters, dogs, birds, chicken, pest, rodents and cockraches. Ohh dont forget the lizards and house flies.

Also loves music. Music is a universal langguge without barriers. It depends on how each individual percieve it. I can play guitar, alittle bit of piano and also I sing (visit my youtube Channel, Czee Apple). Love all kinds of music except metal and heavy metal. I just dont get bruh? Why make a song that no one can understand the lyrics and keeps on shouting till the end of the song? Aaaarghhhhh.

I love anime, K drama too? Wait What? How ironic a man like me watch K dramas hahaha. I love video games. ML, RoS,DOTA, PUBG, CSGO,RAGNAROK, ANYTHING AS LONG AS VIDEO GAME. I watch any kinds of movies like action, drama, comedy, thriller, horror,fantasy, Series, any kind of movie except bold( hmm a lil bit cause Game of Thrones series have some kind of weird actions haha).

Since youve read my profile, you can see that i am fluent in English too. I suck at Math and Science, but I love food and food and food. Hell yeah! Who doesnt love food? I do know to cook.

Uhhhm. About physical appearance, well im not handsome, but tall and have a typical filipino brown darken skin. I dont like using whitening shits cause it fades anyways. Gotta love what god given characteristics I have. I can be a Game of Thrones character cause I have damn crazy facial hairs. I can be your Jon Snow with a dark complexion. Jon Dark? Or Jon Brown? Ahhh Long Jon? Or Jon--- eeeL? Haha

I may not be handsome, but hell girl, I can give you my everything if that time comes.

Ohh 1 more thing I love,

I Love you!! AYIEEE!! JUNEEEEEL!..

About you

Sweet, caring and honest. Preferably single, unhitched or not married, Birhen if possible, just kidding, haha, just looking for single ladies haha.Someone who is not possessed by money and physical appearance.

Besh, youre getting old, youre not getting any younger. Why not try to reduce and deplete your stantards? Maybe in this way, you can find someone who will love you truely. As the legends say: The perfect man doesent exist .

Goodluck finding and exploring. Fighting!!

Personal info

5'9" (174cm) and average body type.
Has children:
Wants children:
Non smoker
Non drinker
Relationship status:
Willing to relocate:
Not sure
University - Some
Christian - Catholic

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