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Traveler, Scholar, Entrepreneur, Millennial.


  Louisville (KY), United States  [ show map ]

I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 30 years old for friendship, serious relationship and networking.

About me

If you want to get in touch feel free to add me on Instagram or Whatsapp.

22, an American student. One whom favors intelligent and meaningful conversation. I enjoy History, culture and economic studies. I enjoy traveling as often as possible(I've been to 14-Countries and counting). There's so much left to experience in the world and I am eager to learn as much as possible. -- I've stayed in Italy the longest(Almost a year) as an expat.

My goal is to invest enough so I may retire young and experience all edges of the earth. It's hard to teach an old dog new trick and I especially do not want to wait until I am old to do these things.
(When you message me, say "BANANAS" so I know you read my bio or even a little)

A little more personal information about me, I have a full-time job at a local bank and I am the youngest in my field, Alongside my job I study full-time at a local university. Also, My family history is not rich, so I must work hard :)
I currently study International Relations and Public policy and most recently I joined the United States Marine Corps as a reservist, this way I may pay for school and I have a sweet job through the military as a 0651 Cyber Network Operator (IT).
I hope to one day become a United States Ambassador for Foreign Service..

-I have finished a degree in electrical engineering
-currently pursuing an international business degree

In my free time, I do enjoy to hang out with friends, seeing movies(History, Biopics, Horror, Psychological.. The list goes on). I play video games, cook and clean(Not trying to sound dull). I often enjoy Anime(They are short and often well written). I enjoy cooking because I do not desire to starve and it's more uncommon here in the United States for anyone to know how to cook. So I try to be different. As for cleaning, I am naturally clean and organized.

I tend to be very insightful, observant and philosophical. I have a journal and many pieces I have written, I used to publish them, but I stopped. Primarily because I felt many overlooked my efforts and willingness to share wisdom and personal experiences.


A perspective of life through the eyes of a youthful human. I may share my philosophies, interests, and Ideology with whoever is interested; If you are outside the United States, I can gladly give you a first-hand experience with what it is like to meet an American(Not the obnoxious touristic type).

I enjoy sharing culture and learning... Nothing is more fascinating to me than two people from different worlds coming together in harmony.

About you

I personally prefer someone older than me, I'm very attracted to older women. Nonetheless, I'm open minded :)

Personal info

6'0" (182cm) and athletic.

Associates Degree
No Religion

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Non smoker
Rarely drinks