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Catchy headline for myself? Hmmm i'm not a newspaper sorry, i'll pass :P...

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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 35 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship, networking and more.

About me

I know most people tend to like describing their own personality on here (some even choose to describe what they look like too, which is extremely pointless, as we can see that anyway haha). Well, we'd all love to write our own reviews in life wouldn't we? Usually, that's morally frowned upon or legally unacceptable though haha...some might even say it's a bit biased too :P ...but do it on a dating site and it's perfect fine tut tut haha
I would say that most people, don't end up living up to their own descriptions of themselves anyway. I mean, for instance...I have spoke to so many people on here who apparently have a 'bubbly' or 'fun' personality...then start a conversation with just "hi" and use 1 or 2 word replies to questions...I'd probably say that amount of bubbly-ness, is equal to that of a bottle of still water in a fridge haha but nevermind, maybe they just need to be heated up in big saucepan to 100°C first, who knows? They should add that though, if that is the case, otherwise we'd never know haha.
Okay, that was a bit too long of an introduction, which didn't actually have any real point to it, other than to have a mini rant...but who cares right? I'm very likely not going to read this again, and you are right now...unfortunately for you lol Sorry :P
Soooo anyway, instead of what i mentioned earlier, I will just tell you things that I enjoy and what I specifically like about them, that way you get more facts than opinions...

>>Travelling/Holidays - Love experiencing new places, cultures and better weather than England (normally), what's not to love about that really?

>>Sports/Fitness - Football is my favourite, to play and watch, but I like a lot of sports (-F1, which is only entertaining when there is a crash for some reason, evil but true lol)

>>Music/Music Festivals - All genres, honestly, I can actually listen to anything (Indie, House, Rock, Reggae, RnB...I even don't mind classical sometimes, seriously lol)

>>Films/TV - Action obviously, being a man and the usual stuff (GOT, TWD etc.)...Dislike most reality TV shows.

>>Food & Drink - I love food more than your average person and I love to cook and experiment. That's a helpful combination I think. Going out to nice restaurants and having a drink sometimes, to drown my sorrows about being on DIA and not having a girlfriend (just kidding), is something I like to do as well...and very occasionally, i'll venture to a nightclub too, if it's a special occasion, for no reason at all other than to waste my money...but that's getting a little old now, or maybe i am, i don't know :P (there are just better things to spend money on IMO).

>>History - Not sure why, but I've always enjoyed history and I don't just mean history as a subject like at school, I even find just knowing/learning the history of any place or thing (e.g. where it came from/how it became to be etc.), gives me satisfaction :D

>>Spontaneity - This probably coincides with other things I've already talked about, but oh well...I relish trying anything new to me, be that a place, activity or simply a piece of food or drink. I love doing random/unexpected things on the spur of the moment too and I often find these snap, last minute, non-thinking decisions can turn out to be some of the best ones.

RULE: If you don't think you are capable of writing more than 1 or 2 words each reply/sentence, don't message me, it's pointless, i could have better conversations with Cortana or Siri (the talking computer things) haha. At least attempt having a sense of humor too, this is important :D

...bored of writing about myself now (i think i wrote enough anyway)

About you

Human Being? Female?...I'm not overly picky, as long as we have similar interests and you seem like a nice/kind person. Obviously, attraction can come into it too, as I feel there has to at least be some attraction there right? But I think the first things I mentioned are more important :D

Personal info

Caucasian (White), 6'1" (185cm), athletic, blue eyes and brown hair.

No Religion

Relationship status:
Has children:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Non smoker
Light / social drinker

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