Anthony Patiam • 27
Last online: 13 Oct 2018
Anthony Patiam
Anthony Patiam • 27
Last online: 13 Oct 2018

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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 30 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship.

About me

Currently travelling around the country phil. Simple,kind sometimes reckless.and.clumsy. when i travel i prefer to wear my home clothes coz i dont want to stand out. I like to traditional plane shirt and maong pants. I only dress good if i go out on dates.I have a good sense of humor, prefers long talks but the english coz I can't express myself in tagalog but I do understand it. I have a habbit of bitting my lips I don't know why its just my mannerism. I'm a bad singer seriously, the only time that my voice sounds good is when I have a few bottles or few shots of tequila. My favorite dessert is ube ice cream only my tongue turns.violet after eating. Sometimes when im bored i write love stories about my experience happy to say two of my works were.published in the school newspaper still hoping it will.pass on mmk haha. I like reading.and watching anime.I have good hygiene. I'm not the dress to impress kind of guy I prefer wearing casual clothes. I'm very flexible on all sorts of things. I don't to swim but if you teach me I'm learn. I don't cook but I love baking especially butter scotch and cakes. I don't like beer I prefer hard but not to the extent of abusing my body coz I don't like going home drunk. I have a good sense of humor but.sometimes I go to my other persona when I'm seriois I prefer real talk. Sometimes when I'm bored I play league of legends(yes I'm a gamer) or stay up late reading blogs facebook or manga. I like mixing drinks when I'm.chilling.out. I'm also an expert of relieving muscle pain since I was 5 years old coz during that time my mom always stressed up and tired so I that's how I develope my skills in.massage I didn't learn it experience. My my role model because of her sacrifice and hardwork turned me into a better person today. I like to talk a lot. I can be myslef.even without the pressence of my friends.
So I just want to meet new friends or my soulmate captivate me. Its ok if your not perfect coz I know I'm not perfect too. I'm not.the.boy next door type of guy but like sharing secrets and travelling. Im serious when I go out on dates but if want or a serious relationship there should be something that could take my breathe away. If I want kids I don't mind in fact I enjoy.taking care.of babies.and todlers I have lots of god sons and daughters even niece and nephews who's are below 4 years old and I don't mind watching over them for a few hours so I'm kinda experience I travel a lot around the country when there's airplane seat promos sometimes I travel outside asia aswell. I dont have abs but my other physical.features make up.for it listening to rnb and eminem songs
I really don't like watching teleserye cause the plot is too predictable like let's say the first kiss the first date the wedding the break up the come back the foregiveness etc.
. Sometimes when i go inside.malls the.first place im going to visit is the book.and find a good second in the arcade and play the crane machine and grab some well that's all I have to say about.myself coz if I say everything it will ruin the thrill of our meet up don't you agree haha

About you

In life its not about having a tantamount partner its about having you and the people around your partner to accept you for who you are if not then i really dont mind the opinion of others coz its not my problem.I have no preference I don't mind if your fat.coz for me you are curvacious in mass. I don't mind if you black coz beauty lies in the beholder. I don't mind if your imperfect I can view.them perfectly. I just don't mind at all
You must handle long distance relationship.due to my.profession it it feels uneasy with you we can skype or use.other if your the jealous type you could remove my glasses and hold my hand that way my eyes will be always on you. a message simple.hi will do. :)

Personal info

5'5" (164cm).

University - Graduated
Christian - Catholic

Relationship status:
Has children:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Non smoker
Light / social drinker

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