Ambermeercat • 58
Last active: 3 Jul 2019
  Library technician
Ambermeercat • 58
  Library technician
Last active: 3 Jul 2019

Looking for my soul mate


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls 18 to 40 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.

About me

Please take the time to read my profile.

Don't give up hope as their are genuine men looking for partners here, you just have to be careful in your search for them.

What happened to me last time I committed to someone here it really upset me & i do not want to be hurt like that again.
I realise that not all women in Asia and especially the Philippines, are like those who have hurt me & I pray that God will find the right partner for me in time.

What I find hard here is the fact that no one seems to be serious enough about a relationship to take the time to get to know the other person. What I have found in trying to meet someone here is that no one seems to be serious in making a set time each week in which to chat & get to know me. Due to this I am finding it difficult to meet someone here as when I think I have met some interesting and compatible she then disappears for weeks or months on end. Which makes it very difficult to get to know someone when you really are serious in searching for a partner. On a number of occasions I have asked women I've met that I liked if we could chat at a specific time each week, so we could get to know each other better, but the concept seems to be beyond the grasp of most women here. I don't feel I'm asking for much, as I realise its very difficult to start & keep going a long distance relationship online.

I have never been married, I live alone. I would like to meet someone & have a family.
I have mild cerebral palsy due to being born 14 weeks premature. This causes me to walk with a limp, makes my typing slow, my handwriting is like that of a child, & I get tired easily.
I have not met anyone as I have found that most Australian women are not interested in being with men with a disability. I am also shy at first, until I get to know people.

I love animals & have two cats as pets. I like reading books on military history. I collect 1960's, 1970's & 1980's music. I wargame as a hobby & watch tv, dvds & movies, chatting on internet.
I live on my own.
My friends say I have a sense of humour, but at times can be serious.

I am a born again christian. I attended a filipino Foursquare Gospel church here in Sydney. I had been attending this church for 12 years & really like the filipino culture.

Please do not ask me for money, i am on a disability support pension & the government only gives you a pension if you are considered poor here in Australia.
I also work as a part-time library technician, 2 days a week for 5 hours each day, in a Bible College library, which means i do not earn a lot & i live in the most expensive city in Australia.
i understand that things are hard for you there in the Philippines as I visited Davao city for 3 weeks back in May 2010. I'm just sick of being asked for money.

I gave 2000 peso's to a filipina in Cavite I liked in 1999, as I thought it was a loan. She never paid me back. I will never be tricked like that again!!!!!

I traveled to Shanghai, China in Febuary 2007, to meet a filipina who was working there. It did not work out. She was very bossy, did not tell me things, lied to me, was always speaking in tagalog & stole money from me. She really hurt me & it is only now that I have really felt up to looking for someone to share my life with.

I traveled to Davao city last May 2010 to meet my ex-fiance and her family. I spent 3 weeks there. i was then supposed to marry my filipina fiancee last november 2013, but after i brought her here it became obvious that she was not really interested in me. So I broke up with her.

I know it seems I've had bad luck when it comes to finding someone be my future wife, but I firmly believe that God has someone out there for me and I refuse to give up.

About you

I would prefer to meet a filipina or a thai woman.
I would like to meet someone who is understanding, caring & has a sense of humor. Who likes animals, esp. cats, but dogs are ok too. Someone who likes kissing & cuddling.
I am looking for someone between the ages 18 to 32. Anything else you can feel free to ask me.
I don't like bossy women or women who can not show affection.

Personal info

5'9" (174cm) and average body type.
Library technician
Has children:
Wants children:
Non smoker
Non drinker
Relationship status:
Willing to relocate:
Not sure
College - Graduated

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