Alexa1989, 28
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Alexa1989, 28
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A single mom BLESSED by 2 wonderful kids ;)
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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys from 29 to 35 years old for friendship, serious relationship and networking.

About me

Im 28 years old single mom and got 2 kids (7 yrs old and 5 yrs old) who are both living with me. I maried a Filipino guy after more than 5years being boyfriend-girlfriend but we part ways after 5months being married. We no longer live in the same house for almost 3 years already. I got a job and i love working. Im from a province and after I graduated my degree in a university I came here in Manila. Eversince I resided here in Manila i do 2 jobs at the same time.

I know as time pass by my kids grow up fast and I need to save up for their future specially on their studies. Currently they are both enrolled in a public school and I would love to see them going in a good private school since sad to say public school here in manila is not competitive in regards to education system. I believe that having a good foundation in terms of education will surely help my kids to be good in academic field which will greatly help them in the near future specially to get a stable job. In that way they will be a good citizen who will be able to contribute to the community.

In relation to that, one of my long term goal is to work overseas - specifically in Singapore. It took me almost a year to think about that plan since I never been away from my kids that long and since i gave birth to them we were never been separated that long. I was able to see them grew. I know almost everything about them. I know when they are going to get sock and what to do when they are sick. I know what food they eat and not. What flavor of a kind of food they like most (e.g pizza, ice cream, etc) But I came to realized that like what i've been doing in the past, doing sacrifices for them now I just need to be stronger and braver to make a big decision of working overseas so i can save that fast and ensure their future.

Well i can say there is still part of me that im still kid at heart. Im a simple lass that enjoy and contented with just simple things. Balloons, flowers, nature, sunset, beach etc.

Being so much worried about things will be the least thing i would feel. I would always try to be positive at all times and in all aspect because i have a strong feeling that He, the guy up there will be always there for us and wont foresake us. We just have to be positive and trust in Him. He wont give us obstacles in life that we can't handle.

Im an outgoing person and easy to get along. I can say that i love adventure, try new things and i would love to travel to different places and meet different kinds of people. And sad to say I was not able to do lots of those since I had kids and I was with my ex partner that dont have the same interest with me. Im already 28 years old and I admit im not getting younger but i believe its not too late so i made a promise to myself that i'll do my best to make it happen and do some (or all) of my "bucketlist before 30's" and one of those is to travel (even i'll start within Manila or within Philippines first). I know it wont be so easy since Im a single mom of two kids and im the only one raising them. I work for them and do my best to provide their needs.

Being a single mom is not easy as people would say and being a single mom of two kids is way different but having my two wonderful kids is truly a blessings. They are my source of happiness, strength and inspiration.

I dont really like rice meals. I love pasta, bread and pastries. I used to cook and bake. :)

yeah, you might be confused that my location is Singapore. I had a short vacation in SG Nov2017 and im already back in Phil. i just decided not to changed it back to Phil 😊

About you

Someone who knows how to respect women.

Personal info

Asian, 5'4" (162cm), 104lbs (47kg), slim, black eyes and black hair.

Phone Banking Officer
Bachelors Degree
Christian - Catholic

Relationship status:
Has children:
Yes (Lives with)
Willing to relocate:
Non smoker
Rarely drinks

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