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Aissara • 23

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I'm here to meet guys 30 to 60 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship, networking and more.

About me

Hello and welcome to my profile. 😁🙏🏻
I don't know how to start writing it because it's something I'm not good at but it's not too hard if I'm going to lol I might talk too much you're too lazy to read it...can make me stop talking just...😘 Spend 10 minutes of your time and you'll get to know me better.

Are you ready? If you're ready, let's get to know me a little...Start📖

My name is Molly, I was born and lived in Thailand. My hometown is in Phrae province, North(I guess you don't know and have to search on google. Sure, hehe) but now I live in Bangkok. i'm romantic girl I like to walk on the beach in the morning and see the first light of a new day and to sit and watch the sunset in the evening. It would be great if someone came to see me as we could walk hand in hand or sit side by side starting the day until the last light of the

I think I'm a good girl,honest,respectful,reasonable,listen,understand, have fun,love cleanliness,care and love.(I want to take care of someone,I want to see smiles and be happy together.)

For those who don't know me well enough, they always say I look too neat, but those who know me well will always say I'm.Crazy(in a should I be in their eyes) Really for formal or work time.I'm going to be serious and modest because it's social etiquette, but not too serious that people around me are stressed.Sometimes I make them laugh when working with me and for personal time(holidays or meeting friends). I'm full of fun and friends are always impressed with my time.

I've been hurt before(Siam women,no matter how much it hurts, you have to be strong 💪🏻;) I don't know how to begin to describe the pain But if anyone really cares about me I'm always ready to be a speaker (just ask me lol) I think everyone in here has been hurt or has lessons or experiences too.But in what form will we meet? In the end,everyone wants something better because they don't want to meet like in the past.

If you just want fun or friendship I can give you that but remember you can't contribute more than that. But if you're serious or really looking for a relationship, I think you've walked in on it because I want it too.

Oh...I'm 23 years old. Soon to be 24 years But don't judge me by that number. Just open your mind and you'll know I'm in it, haha I mean, just open up and know that my age and maturity are different. If you fall in love with someone no matter their age, weight or's not a problem (I think only for open-minded people).

I'm not a good person and I'm not a bad person.If someone is good to me,I'm good too.But if someone starts to think badly of me first,I'm never silent (I need to demand justice for myself) but most of the time I'm good, kind lol.

I've been working hard since my studies (now I'm still studying because I'm applying for more and I'll keep studying until my PhD,everyone has a dream and I have a dream but I don't let it be .Dreams I think and act So it will be successful.) I went through a lot of work and leadership experience at a young age.I'm not afraid of hardships because I believe that hardworking people never starve to death.I work indoors and out.That's the little pride that I have.

I'm here just to find someone I'm looking for and open up to me.I'm not looking for the perfect person because I'm not perfect.But I'm looking for someone to help complete our lives. just someone as generous as me and open up now Someone looking for this woman A natural woman who is herself

I don't like makeup But if there is an important event, then I will be the focus that is beautiful and good-looking in that I'm a natural girl because my body doesn't have any plastic surgery. I can go out without makeup.But...I'm not a skinny woman or a good figure. Hm...I only have a S...y body or chubby (with all curves, not too fat and not too skinny💃🏻;) When I put on a 🩱👙 and look in the mirror,I feel like S___y and passionate my body 😜

About you

First of all...I would like to thank you for reading my profile (I would like to say more but it's limited 🤣;)

I don't want rich people or wealth. But I only want your to be a good person. I believe that if people start from being good people. Honesty or other good things will follow. But the main thing, I think we have to have mutual interest first. So we'll get to know each other better.

If you are romantic, like the beach, sports, swimming (I like water but can't swim. So come teach me... maybe there's something more exciting than teaching swimming hehe), travelling, like to do outdoor activities, challenge, try new things and so on. That's who I am too. Hope we like something similar.

I prefer a friendship relationship. but more than friends Because friends are people we love, trust, can be brothers and sisters, have fun, understand, can consult when there is a problem and so on. I think it's better than possession. (Because true love is not possessive)

I don't need much from you, we're just happy to join you on our journey together. That's enough for me...if you don't want to be disappointed so don't expect. Just do your best because life is short and we don't know if after we close our eyes tonight...will it be real tomorrow or we will open our eyes again, so do your best today. When it's over, we don't have any regrets because we have done our best.

love is like two roads If we truly wish each other well, we could walk the same path forever. But if we don't have good intentions for each other, we will walk different paths or parallel paths. We can't come together in the same way (different people go their own way).

I talk so much that I forgot what I said...if you want to know me more don't wait...just send me a message😂 But if I don't reply to anyone, I apologize because I don't want us to steal each other's time.

People will need light when it gets dark. Will start thinking about the sun only when it's cold To know that love is only when it's gone

I'm not here for you to waste my time, I'm here to find the total package, someone who's fun and my best friend for support and i can give you the same. If you're looking for a holiday fling, stop reading my profile and move on please!

Thank you for taking 10 minutes of your time and reading my profile. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Wish you good luck on your way 😊😊😊

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Bangkok, Thailand
5'2" (157cm) and athletic.
Heart thief ❤️ you're heart
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