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I'm here to meet girls of any age for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.

About me

I considered myself a good person , I am Lao American live in L.A California. I am looking for serious relationship. I am not into women that’s relying on men to provide because it shows signs of expectations that will only lead to failure In a relationship. I believed that all people have a choice of who they want to become, that is an encouragement from me. We don’t have a forever life so live your life to the fullest. I will not stop you if you’re my partner to do things that you love. I know if you love me you will not hurt me in anyway possible. Love is about supporting each other in a positive ways. I want to have kids, because I love kids I think they are beautiful universe creation and we will be living in them when we are gone. Long distance relationship is not good for long term, so I am welling to relocate. America is ok, but I want to build a retirement somewhere affordable, because I’m not a rich guy just trying to be smart with the Resource that I have. If you want to give me a chance you will have to be patience and will have to accept me for who I am. I am not here to mess around. Does look matter yes, because everybody likes luxury stuff and people, but not necessary depends on how and what type of a person you are. I considered myself average but always try to be the best I can be. I have an open religion view, I prefer no religion but if you have religion I could respect that too. Yes, I have kids. I am not going to lie because I need a woman that will accept my past. I don’t want it to be an issue in the future. If you read this far and still interested let’s talk. If not thank you for stopping by.

About you

Independent, smart, kind, and loving woman. I would love to meet a woman that doesn’t have filter on her photos , no makeup prefer :)
Be honest now come on. I want a smart and beautiful woman because if I have daughters, she would be beautiful like her mom. I want the best for my kids. As for myself, I have a rough childhood and not as fortunate as some people. I considered my self talented, skillful, wise, experienced, kind. I learnt many life skills because I went through it and am passing the wisdom to my kids and will continue. I do not want any bad experience I’ve gone through, by those bad experiences it has made me a better and a wiser person. I am humbled. It is what expected of my children, be humble, be kind, be intelligent, give love and be love, live life to the fullest, don’t be afraid of mistakes because it will makes you a better person, be responsible for your actions, give more take less, reach for the best life has to offer, try your best, everything in life takes learning even love. Most important teaching to my daughters, never, never, never let a man push you around you are equal to and even better, it is up to you 100% control of your life. No religion text anywhere can change my mind on that. Another reason I don’t want to accept religion people trying to throw at me. But, I do pray just don’t pray to any idols. I closed my eyes and let the universe do it’s things. I don’t questions the power of death or life. It is what it is. Just live your life. Thank you for reading:)

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5'7" (169cm) and average body type.

College - Some

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