Superman85, 28
Last online: 3h, 29m ago
Superman85, 28
Last online: 3h, 29m ago

Wants to meet a Female between 18 and 30 years old for Dating or Serious Relationship.

United States
State / Region:
Caucasian (White)
162 cm (5'4")
61 kg (134 lbs)
Body type:
Eye color:
Hair color:
College - Graduated
SPCA Animal Shelter
No Religion
Chinese Zodiac:
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Has children:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Non smoker
Non drinker
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7 Dec 2013

Looking for my Special Someone

Hey there,
I'm Mike,
I'am a 28 Year Old who lives in Charlottesville Virginia in the United States,

I'am a VERY Loving, Sweet, Caring, Kind, Gentle, Generous,
Loyal and Faithful man who KNOWS how to treat a lady.
I'm ALSO a country boy...Ladies love country boys apparently.

And to make it more clear,
Country Boys...ALWAYS do it better.
Because we CAN and ALWAYS DO.

I'am CURRENTLY a College Graduate as of 2013,
I have my Associate of Arts Degree in Philosophy and English.
So my Associates is in Liberal Arts.

I like to Write, Read Novels and Comic books, get on Facebook, work with animals, play video games, listen to rock music, go window shopping,
cook, watch tv, go to the mall to window shop and just relax on the weekends.

I'm a Great Cook, Kisser and a man who knows how to talk.

I'am a VERY BIG sweetheart with a BIG gentlemanly heart.
I was raised by a good family with GOOD values.

My motto in life is:
Work Hard, Play Easy, Live Passionately, Love Gently.

I ain't afraid to get dirty, I ain't afraid to fight.

I'am a VERY gentle kind of man.
and once a girl gets to know me I'm the sweetest she can ever know.
I use my heart everyday and I speak from it.

I Love kids and dogs.
I HATE Pitbulls and Cats.

I enjoy great 80's music and good movies from that era as well.
I like Action movies NOT Romance movies...They suck.

I don't have a skype, I ain't got time for that crap.
I have a Facebook only.
and if you want it, you have to get to know me first.
DO NOT give me your facebook out of the blue, get to know me BEFORE you get all Facebooky with me.

I Love my Hometown of Charlottesville Virginia and I DO NOT plan to travel.
I have already been ALL OVER Virginia, Washington D.C. Tampa and Miami Florida
and DO NOT plan to go ACROSS the damn globe.
I DO NOT really make enough Money to travel to another country....
so don't ask me to do so...I WILL NOT come to you.

Superman85 would like to meet:

I would like to meet a special someone from this site,.
please DO NOT contact me if you are over 35 or 45.
I don't like Older women than 30.

My AGE RANGE is 19 to 30.

I want to meet someone who doesn't DRINK, SMOKE
or asks me to come to them in their country.
I want someone who DOES NOT ASK for a Skype or anything else.

I DO NOT USE skype, I use ONLY Facebook.
ASK Me for my Facebook once you get to know me.

My age requirement is 19 to 30,
READ my profile the right way BEFORE you contact me.

I would APPRECIATE IT if NO Lady Boys contact me,
I don't want them contacting me because I DON'T fly that way.

All I can do is Email and Facebook.

I want someone I can call my sweetheart and my true love at the same time.
Someone who can BE my Equal in life and someone who can love me for me.
no matter HOW MUCH I make or don't make.
AND won't ask me to come to their country.
I DO NOT make enough Money to fully travel anywhere so please don't ask.

You MAY come Visit me in my Hometown and Stay with me for a few weeks,
I DO NOT mind this because I DO NOT want my FUTURE Girlfriend/Wife
staying in a Hotel...Can't treat a lady like that because THAT is absolutely wrong in my book.

If we get along VERY WELL you MAY come visit me and Stay with me.
But only for a few weeks to a few months depending on how long you can come
Visit and be with your FUTURE Boyfriend/Husband.

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